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Jan. 24, 2008

New plans

Well, we left the holiday season behind us and here we are now with the New Year buzzing our doorbell! This means new plans, new resolutions, new dolls and new teddies.
At the moment I´m looking through kids vintage photos (Gosh, I love them!).

I´m getting ready to reproduction of Kathe Kruse doll.

I have already visualized it all but I don’t know what will come out of it.
We’ll wait and see. Wanna try some other technique, something I’ve never tried before…
But… there´s ONE BIG “BUT”!!!
Due to Dixie , all of a sudden I became obsessed by the idea of trying my chances in creating Izannah Walker doll.

This desire pushes away all other plans of mine.
Regrettably thare´s only very scarce information regarding these dolls.
Anyway, I think I´ll put my ideas aside and instead follow my passion-inspiration!
By the way, totally forgot about the commissioned TWINS – the girls I made a couple of months ago…the last creations of 2007!!!


Dixie Redmond 26/1/08  

Those dolls are so sweet. I'm glad you're enjoying the Chronicles. :-) Can't wait to see what you do.


Lone pierette 31/1/08  

Hej , er du fra Danmark ? Din blog er meget flot . jeg vil tilføje dig til min , da jeg kan se du har tilføjet min, tak !
Mange hilsener

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