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Jan. 6, 2008

Children in art

Charles Burton Barber
Sunshine. Lady Laura Teresa Alma-Tadema


Serena Barton 8/1/08  

Hi Maija,

I just discovered your blog by finding my blog listed on it! Thanks! I love your dolls and bears! I have always been crazy about dolls and your are fabulous.

Now that I know about you, I'll be sure to keep up with your blog.

Very best,

Serena Barton

maija 9/1/08  

Thank you Serena.

Sandra Evertson 20/1/08  

Love all the great photos!
Sandra Evertson

Rachael Kinnison 24/1/08  

Hi Maija~
Had a bit of time to come and peek at your BLOG & dollys are so wonderful! The little cloth dolly on the nov 17th post is my favorite~ and I LOVE your new banner! Wonderful Wonderful!

maija 26/1/08  

Thank you for visiting my blog.

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