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Apr. 20, 2009

Springtime in the Garden

" The first Anemones "
Hans Anderson Brendekild ( 1857 - 1942, Danish painter )

This picture served as the inspiration to create this little cuttie.

I dont know how you feel about her but I get a feeling that she´s just stepped out of her fictional world and entered my world of reality.

( sold )


oksana 21/4/09  

She is adorable! You are right, she just enter to our reality from the past:)

Lone Pierette 22/4/09  

hun er yndig Maija - er det et photo face eller har du malet hende ?

Plain-n-Simple! 23/4/09  

I LOVE her!!!!!!!!

maija 25/4/09  

Thanks Jackie . :))

Tak skal du have, Lone. Ja, det er photo face, men jeg har lavet lidt om på den med oil paint.

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