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Oct 12, 2008

antique cloth doll (?)

Just a quick post about my latest doll.
This little girl is made out of muslin from my own pattern. She is about 30 cm .I painted her with acrylic and oil paint.


Atticbabys 14/10/08  

Oh Maija she is so wonderful and really does have an antique feel to her!! Tell us a bit about her.. how big (or small) is she?
:-) Nan

oksana 15/10/08  

O! So beautiful! She really looks like antique doll!
What kind of dress are you going to wear on her?

Plain-n-Simple! 24/10/08  

Oh Maija,
Your dollie is fantastic, and does look antique!!!! I really get drawn in by her, and want to pick her up!!!!!Is she heavy? So precious and really a wonderful dollie!!!!!!


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