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Aug. 28, 2008

antique style primitive doll - Manon

Before dressing Manon I searched for the right outfit for her in a number of books and even visited a doll museum; and this is my last choise: ancient look that makes you think you found Manon somewhere in the attic.

the doll: 23cm, muslin, acrylic,oil paint,the dress is not removable


glad2Bhere 28/8/08  

Hi Maija,
This little doll is really delightful. I love the dress that you made for her.


Раиса 29/8/08  

Майа, я пришла в гости в Ваш блог и "зависла" в нем на весь вечер. Вы -волшебница, чес слово! Куклы - просто прелесть! я очень люблю примитивов, но для Ваших кукол хочется подобрать более изысканное слово, наверное, ретро.Раиса

TENEREZZA 4/9/08  

Май кукла просто супер!! Верх я так понимаю ты леила из самоотвердеваемых...Меня всегда тянуло сделать что то именно такое!!!! Интэрэсно как дорого??;-) У меня уже есть в коллекции одна твоя лялечка!!

maija 5/9/08  

Anechka,spasibo.A vot i ne ugadala. kukla iz tekstilja, nichego ne lepila.

Anonymous,  9/9/08  

Ох, хороша! (foxi_al)

Anonymous,  9/9/08  

Ох, хороша!

Stacey 19/9/08  

Beautifully done, a treasure indeed!


Lana 22/9/08  

Maija, your doll is adorable! I think you dressed her perfectly.
Could I ask the name of the book that is behind the doll? It looks interesting!
Have a lovely day!

maija 23/9/08  

Thank you very much Stacey.
Thanks Lana. The name of this spanish book is " Guia del coleccionista de Munecas" Olivia Bristol.

Plain-n-Simple! 24/10/08  

Marion is truly a work of art!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!


Christine LeFever 25/10/08  

I just found you as I was organizing my bookmarks. This little doll is amazing. I absolutely love her!

I'm adding you to my blog list of friends pronto!

I had bookmarked you when I found you on someone else's blog, and I never followed through. Oh it was worth the wait.

Cyndi 10/11/08  
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