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Apr. 1, 2008

Lone of ddd - favoritter has tagged me.

Thank you Lone.
I have to write 5 things about myself, then go on to tag 5 blpggers.
Well, I love:
-baby animals;
-the scent of a blossoming apple tree, jasmines, lilac;
-the whisper of the waves;
-fine rain;
-a giant cup of lemon tea.

About art
Anahata Katkin
Old paint


oksana 13/4/08  

maija, zges ne poluchajetsa. Mozet ese gde-to nado cht-to izmenit?

oksana 16/4/08  

Nu? A sejchas? Ja uze v izvodke vsa! Ja tebe ese v "probe" postavila odin fon - glan. No mne kazetsa, chto etot luchsjhe

Plain-n-Simple! 30/4/08  

What sweetheart Doll!!!!!!
Many Hugs,
Jackie In Idaho, USA
: )

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