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Mar. 22, 2008

Anna - Izannah Walker style doll

Well, this is Anna.
This sweet little girl is made out of muslin from my own pattern.
I painted her with oil paint.Anna´s dress made from vintage cloth. This doll about 27 cm.

( sold)


Plain-n-Simple! 30/3/08  

Oh Maija,
I think I love you!!!! Hehe well your dollies anyways!!!! How truly fantastic!!!! She is so precious!!!!! Once the Izzy rush gets in your blood it doesnt leave, you know that right? Hehe
I am so glad i visited you today!!!
Many Doll hugs,

maija 31/3/08  

thank you, Jackie.
You are so very right about Izzy!

Plain-n-Simple! 30/4/08  

Its addictive isnt it, those Izzy dolls? I am not so sure i like the small dolls though, this one is kinda driving me stir crazy!

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