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Feb. 1, 2008

Kathe Kruse

At the beginning of the 2oth century the winds of the Western countries. Kathe Kruse was part of this change. An actress in her teens, she became part of the German cultural world....Her first doll was made from a towel filled with hot sand, knotted at the corners to make arms and a potato stuck into one end for a head. Her daughters loved this primitive doll...
By 1911 Kathe Kruse had started a business which has lasted almost an entire century.Her primitive doll has turned an" art" doll and is considered by many doll lovers to be one of the best...
-Cloth dolls of the 1920s and 1930s by Polly Judd-


Atticbabys 1/2/08  

I just adore Kathe Kruse Dollys!
How is yours coming along? I'd love to see some wip pictures! Are you using a pattern?
Good luck with her or him ,

:-) Nan

maija 8/2/08  

I do not use any K.K. patterns, I make them myself .KK dolls only serve as inspiration to me.
Very soon I`ll show pics with WIP.

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