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Nov. 18, 2007

a Scandinavian gnome.

Idling away my time in our summer house I created this doll out of some rags and painted with acryl pain.

I was not really content with the result, therefor it went through a total makeover. I repainted the face with oil paint.

In Scandinavia we have a solemn X - mas tradition to decorate our house with elves/ gnomes.

Here´s the Scandinavian gnome.


Atticbabys 19/11/07  

Wow Maija they are awesome! I love that gnome! He wants to come live with me!
THanks for sharing them!

Mica Garbarino 20/11/07  

Oh this knome is truly delightful. I love love love him soo !!! and the first doll too !!! the faces are delightful !!! Mica


maija 20/11/07  

Thank you, Nan.
I`m glad to hear that. But Í`m afraid I have to disappoin you: he has already found a very loving family .But I have good news for you : my new elf might be looking for a family. Post me if you`re positive.

maija 20/11/07  

Thanks ,Mica.

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